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1st-17th February 2018

The exhibition charts a journey of discovery for Oakley, whose lifelong love of the sea recently led her to move permanently from London to Herne Bay, Kent. Many of the works in the exhibition are inspired by the beauty of the south coast of England, and the artist’s observation of the changing nature of the sands and shifting seasons. Oakley’s thoughtful works reflect a joy in nature, featuring the wading birds and sand martins encountered as she walks along the shore each morning. The ocean is an ever-present fascination for the artist, a powerful force and recurring backdrop to her works.  Other paintings depict the much-loved shells, books, andantique ceramics that adorn her home and studio, often decorated with wise sayings and proverbial mottos that represent a folkloric memento mori, and which imbue Oakley’s work with a sense of both immediacy and timelessness.

Represented by 

Beaux Arts Bath

12-13 York Street Bath


JonathanCooper Park Walk Gallery

20 Park Walk London SW10 0AQ

Smelik & Stokking

Noordeinde 101-15

The Hague Holland

The Stratford Gallery

 32 Sheep Street 

 Stratford upon Avon

 CV37 6EE

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